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Out of gauge / Abnormal loads


Explore the capabilities of our meticulously designed equipment to handle the complexities of out-of-gauge, heavy, or abnormal loads. Our versatile offerings include extendable flat trailers and Semi Low-loaders, specially crafted to accommodate large and lengthy cargo. For the transportation of bulk liquids, our vehicles are equipped with on-board blowers, ensuring efficient and seamless offloading.

Introducing the CombiLift Container Lifter/Hammer Lift, for handling of containers. This integrated lifting solution comes with a host of benefits, eliminating the need for ramps, cranes, and reducing waiting times. It also ensures much safer ground-level loading and unloading processes.

The Container Lifter’s crane arms hydraulically move along the chassis, adapting to varying container lengths and effortlessly lifting 20, 30, and 40-foot containers up to a weight of 34 tonnes. Remarkably, it can lift two smaller 20′ containers simultaneously, and the offloading process is completed in just two minutes.

Experience unparalleled efficiency as full containers are seamlessly lifted and transferred directly from one trailer to another. The Container Lifter is constructed with high-tensile steel, featuring rear axle steering for superior maneuverability in enclosed areas. With a 2.70m jack leg ensuring excellent stability, our Container Lifter is a game-changer in the transportation industry. Choose us for expert handling and innovative solutions for your specialised cargo needs.

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