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HIAB Haulage

Efficient Self-Loading Solutions with Our Hiab Trucks

Murphy Transport offers transportation solutions to meet your diverse needs. As part of our extensive fleet, we are proud to introduce our self-loading truck, commonly known as a “Hiab.” With advanced capabilities and unmatched versatility, our Hiab trucks are designed to streamline the loading and unloading process, providing efficient solutions for various industries.

Features of Our Hiab Trucks

Onboard Crane with 10-Ton Lifting Capacity

Our Hiab trucks are equipped with an onboard crane capable of lifting cargo pieces weighing up to 10 tons. This impressive lifting capacity ensures that even the heaviest of loads can be safely and efficiently handled, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Versatile Loading Options

The flexibility of our Hiab trucks is unparalleled. They can lift cargo onto their own flatbed or onto the flatbed of their twin-axle drawbar trailer. Additionally, our Hiab trucks are capable of loading cargo onto any other vehicle or platform, providing seamless transfer and transport of goods.

Extended Reach

With a reach of 40 feet, our Hiab trucks offer extended capabilities for loading and unloading operations. Even at this maximum reach, the onboard crane can still lift up to 2 tons, ensuring optimal performance and versatility in various scenarios.

Ideal Applications

Our Hiab trucks are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Large Machinery: Whether it’s industrial equipment, construction machinery, or agricultural implements, our Hiab trucks can efficiently handle the transportation of large and heavy machinery.

  • Containers: Transporting shipping containers is made easy with our Hiab trucks. From loading containers onto trailers to placing them in specific locations, our versatile trucks ensure smooth and secure transportation.

  • Tanks: Whether it’s ISO tanks, chemical tanks, or other specialized containers, our Hiab trucks provide the lifting capacity and precision required for safe and efficient handling.

  • Cabins and Structures: From prefabricated cabins to structural components, our Hiab trucks are ideal for lifting and transporting various types of cabins and structures with ease.

Why Choose Murphy Transport?

  • Reliability: Our Hiab trucks are very well maintained and operated by skilled professionals, ensuring reliable performance and timely deliveries.

  • Efficiency: With their advanced capabilities and versatile loading options, our Hiab trucks streamline the transportation process, saving time and resources for our clients.

  • Safety: We prioritise safety in every aspect of our operations, adhering to strict safety protocols to ensure the protection of both personnel and cargo.

Trust Murphy Transport for efficient and reliable self-loading solutions with our Hiab trucks. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can meet your transportation needs.

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